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Bose Krishnamachari

Bose Krishnamachari

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Bose Krishnamachari

Born in Kerala in 1963, Bose Krishnamachari studied at Sir J.J. School of Art Mumbai, and then completed his Masters in Visual Art Theory and Practice from Goldsmiths College, University of London. He also taught at J.J. School in the year 1992. 

His artistic and curatorial practice includes drawing, painting, sculpture, design, installation and architecture. Bose has also exhibited in several important solo and group exhibitions around the world including Bombay Maximum City, Lille 3000, Lille, curated by Caroline Naphegyi (2006), The Shape That Is, Jendela and Concourse, Esplanade, Singapore (2006), Indian Art at the Swarovski Crystal World, Innsbruck, Austria (2007). 

His current body of work spotlights figures (and by dint of association, cultures) as varied as those of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera, the Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky, and Rabindranath Tagore. Spirituality, epic style and (in Kahlo`s case) a focus on the self as means to explore larger concerns, are some features that engage the viewer. However, it would be a mistake to read these works as "tributes" to the icons, as Bose uses the device (in this case, figures from art/history) more to draw attention to his own project. Interestingly, Bose pays as much attention to form as he does to conceptual and/or contextual concerns. Startling planes of flat colour juxtaposed against skilful, almost photographic, representations of identifiable persona, imbue the work with an `international` sensibility. Bose admits to combining western image-making techniques (such as the installation) with the vernacular, in a bid to arrive at an idiom that is entirely contemporary and brisk. In an earlier interview, he has said: "I refine my colour to brightness. I have learnt this usage from the alternately subdued and lavish colour codes of Indian ceremonies and ritual performances; the costumes, the gestures of enactment..." The current body however, brings with it a whiff of minimalism. There is little room for excess. But the minimalism is effective. 

Besides being an artist and curator, Bose is also an avid art collector. Some of his most memorable curated shows include Bombay X 17 (2004) in Kochi, The Bombay Boys (2004) in New Delhi, Double-Enders, A travelling exhibition that was shown at Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Kochi (2005), AF-FAIR, 1X1 Contemporary and 1X1 Gallery, Dubai (2008). He was also the guest curator at the Indian pavilion of ARCO-Madrid (2009). He also conceptualised a travelling project, LaVA (Laboratory of Audio Visual Arts) (2007-2011). It has now been given a permanent place as a library of books, music and videos at Pepper House in Fort Kochi so that it is available for public consumption. 

Bose Krishnamachari also created Gallery BMB in Mumbai in 2009 with a vision to bring the best international contemporary art to India. He is also known for finding and promoting the emerging young artistic talent. He has been the recipient of many prestigious awards, including the Mid America Arts Alliance Award in 1996, the Charles Wallace India Trust Award in 1999, the Kerala Alit Kala Akademi Award in 1985, and was felicitated in 2009 with the Lifetime Fellow of Kerala Lalit Kala Akademi.