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Gaurvi Sharma

Gaurvi Sharma

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Gaurvi Sharma

Gaurvi Sharma was born in 1979 and completed her MFA in Painting from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi in 2003, and her BFA from the Government College of Art Chandigarh in 2001. 

Gaurvi describes herself as a dreamer, a creator and sometimes a poet, a mother to a child and a wife to a husband who shares the same dreams. She loves creating a whimsical version of her everyday experiences. Her work evolves around her daily experiences. Anything she feels consciously or subconsciously flows out of her initially in the form of a drawing. She maintains a visual diary with ‘first hand’ account of her thoughts and experiences. A bond with a bird which comes in her kitchen every morning for a piece of biscuit right after her morning walk (as if it follows her all the way), feeling of insecurity and self-doubt during her pregnancy to the joys (and sorrows) of motherhood, feeling of extreme calm in the lap of mother nature after moving from overcrowded and polluted Delhi to the ‘City Beautiful’ i.e. Chandigarh, these are some of the emotions that have formed her work in the recent years. 

At the beginning of her career, she worked with linear, bold and flat forms but this slowly changed to using mixed media as she liked playing with different dimensions and textures. Her work totally changed when she got the opportunity to live in Japan as their culture seeped into her works. 

Manga, graphic novels, billboards, pop culture, fashion observing all this everyday left a deep impact and my visuals turned more graphic and detailed. She started working with pamphlets and fashion magazines and sometimes with embellishments and found my love for collages there. The process of collage making is very engaging and despite of all the mess and chaos it creates, its very satisfying to see the final result. While creating a collage, she looks through hundreds of magazines and cut and composes thousands of pieces to make a composition. She draws whenever not making collages as she needs to put her emotions and feelings on paper as soon as she experiences them. Else,she starts feeling the pressure of her pent up emotions.” 

She has been a part of several national and international showcases. 

Gaurvi’s exhibits are Clothesline (Mixed Medium on Canvas) made in 2014, Blue Sofa & Dark me (Mixed Medium on canvas) made in 2017, Maybe (Pen and ink on paper) made in 2017, Blue Sofa (Pen and ink on paper) made in 2017.