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Indu Tripathi

Indu Tripathi

Masterpieces On Exhibit

Indu Tripathi

Indu Tripathy, born in 1960, is recognized for her gentle forms in silken, mellifluous lines, and soft colors. With woman and nature as her favourite subject, she seems to perceive them virtually as synonymous of each other – manifestations of prakriti. Indu’s modernism lies in her rootedness and control, not just within the ambits of her culture but on the entire state of her being. Her women have a dreamy quality that belies their innate strength and are reflective of the multi-layered thought process of gender.

It has been a journey of more than 25 years since the time she started painting, and there has been no looking back. Conveyed by means of the motifs, like the meditative faces of the women, the beatific birds generally entwined in the shape of a headgear as an extension of their own self, traditional use of elements of design that are joyously permeating all over. In a near surreal ambience, she captures nature, man-woman relationships, natural world and its deep kinship with humanity; human forms and the flora and fauna as virtually synonymous with one another and as manifestation of prakriti.

While her spaces abundantly infuse birds as calmly joyous as the women and sometimes the men, one can envision birds floating, flying, flowing, snuggling, at places twittering, something intently in the ears of the central presence, who is ruminative in her reception, all lyrically projected.

She works painstakingly upon her canvases adding ruminations after ruminations. They build up within her as she flows out effortlessly bubbling and prattling to her own self, of life and its dynamism unfurling through the numerous quintessential characters in her works. Her figures quietly inculcate a lyrical flow of softness. When it comes to the choice of mediums, she enjoys water-colors for their transparency and impulsiveness, though she mainly uses oils, which are sometimes used overlapping with acrylics.

Her exhibit with us are two acrylic on cavases titled Bloom of Nature made in 2022 and Bliss made in 2021.