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Jeetin Rangher

Jeetin Rangher

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Jeetin Rangher

Jeetin Rangher is an internationally acclaimed visual and performance artist. With an education in painting and design, his interest in the Arts is nurtured by his sensitivity to the surrounding, nature and social environment. 

He initiated the Green World Art Festival in November 2010, and continued in 2011, 2012. He has been working with different communities in conflict zones in Kashmir India. HEALING HANDS – ART INTERVENTION IN CONFLICT ZONES is a project conducted in Jammu and Kashmir. 

Through his expressions in the visual Arts, Jeetin’s main concern over the years has been man’s intervention in the natural World. His performances are responses and critical reflections on our social, cultural as well as political behaviour. The artist has been intensively involved with community art and special kids conducting workshops with them. His recent project Art Adda (under IFA’s project 560) was an intervention into found space in the heavily populated and cosmopolitan city of Bengaluru. He is sensitive to the environment, both the natural as well as social. He is concerned about the human interventions up on natural order and natural world. The supremacy that man tries to establish over nature, a kind of colonizing and displacing natural habitats is one of the concerns that he takes into the premises of his art, especially painting.