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Madhvi Parekh

Madhvi Parekh

Masterpieces On Exhibit

Madhvi Parekh

Born in Sanjaya, a village in Gujarat, Madhvi Parekh reflects her rural influences in her stylised folk art. Madhvi's work has its inspiration in rural India, while her style is contemporary; influenced by Indian and international icons such as Jamini Roy, Paul Klee and Clemente. One of her most famous works has been The Last Supper (2013) that represents the biblical event in her trademark style, and shows how a painter can shake off or tweak the colonial characteristics and give it refreshingly Indian sensibilities.

Madhvi explored the possibility of depicting her childhood memories through her paintings, where images of fantasy and early days are woven into her entire work, which lend it a surreal, dreamlike quality.

Her subjects have a freshness and spontaneity to them; and although her themes always revolve around images that affect her; her compositions are flexible, and all her paintings have a strong sense of design.

Her work displayed with us is titled Last Supper and is an acrylic on Canvas made in 2021.