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Pradeep D M

Pradeep D M

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Pradeep D M

Pradeep Kumar D.M. was born in 1988, Dodda Magadi, Davangere, Karnataka. Pradeep Kumar D.M. is a multi-disciplinary artist, his work is inspired by the narrative forms and decorative elements related to his native culture, the Lambani tribe.

He has done his BVA in Painting, University College of Fine Arts, Davangere 2008 and MVA in Painting from Bangalore University in 2010. He is the winner of the Shenoy Art Foundation Young Emerging Artists Award in 2014.

Like a contemporary nomad, wherever he moves, his life and his art absorb the qualities of the place. Noises, sounds, smells, images, experiences, encounters, and languages of the new environment become part of his daily life and influence his creations. Wherever he goes, he collects objects, natural materials, or handcrafted materials, which become the support for his artworks.

Pradeep started his residency in Auroville on the 15th September 2021.