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Rakesh Patel

Rakesh Patel

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Rakesh Patel

An early interest in art led Rakesh Patel (born in1983) to pursue a degree in Fine Art. However, it was his childhood spent around his family’s hardware business that sparked his passion for experimenting with wood and hardware to create mixed media compositions.

Patel has developed a unique artistic idiom that utilises mixed media to blend realism and expressionism. Since taking his first steps into the world of professional art in 2003, Patel has participated in several exhibitions across India, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Bahrain and New York.

Rakesh’s pieces have found homes both in India and abroad, and he has been the recipient of numerous awards. He has about 75 group shows and eight solo shows across India, Bangladesh, Hong Kong Bahrain and New York under his belt. In addition to his prolific career as an artist, Patel is also a curator. His 2015 show, Sanctity, featured 92 artists from around the country. Patel continues to pursue his interest in art, frequently experimenting with new techniques and media. He credits museums, galleries and books as the source of his enduring education.

His three exhibits with us are titled Urban Uproar, Urban He and Urban She – Stainless steel mirror, circuits, LED Light with sensor and enamel on wood – all made in 2021.