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Ratnadeep Adivrekar

Ratnadeep Adivrekar

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Ratnadeep Adivrekar

Born in 1974 and bred within a family of artists, art and life remained indistinguishable for Ratnadeep. He evolved as an artist from a young age and consequently widened his knowledge and skillset through formal training at Sir JJ School of Art - one of Asia's most renowned art colleges. He went on to achieve significant success beginning with his first solo exhibition, Memoirs of the unreal city and findings through journeys, 1998, Mumbai to his latest exhibition, 8 Stories, 2017, Berlin, Germany. 

A recipient of several prestigious awards like ‘The Governors Prize’, ‘The Harmony Award’ for Best Emerging Artist and ‘Bendre-Hussain Scholarship’, he is the first Indian artist to showcase a solo exhibition at the Berlin Opera House, The Golden Ear – Tribute to Wagner, 2013. He has also ventured into several subsects of art like filmmaking titled 'Shipsoul' with German sculptor Wolf documenting salvaged ship components from Alang in Gujarat and creating a sculpture. Further, he executed a Land Art Project in Varvara, Bulgaria in 2019. Ratnadeep's works have received notable and critical acclamation in various renowned journals, magazines, and newspapers like Time-Out, Asian Art News, Art and Deal, and Indian Contemporary Art Journal. 

His paintings deal with subjects that carry a historical set of references and also recognizes that collective memory is constantly challenged by enigmatic prophetic actions, concealed in personal folds of the temporal linearity. The use of varied materials and techniques in his works is a testimony to his artistic multiplicity, underlined with a consistent resistance to any form of classification. Throughout his practice, he has rejected mechanical interventions by obstinately exploring the visual effects of mechanical technology by hand - oftentimes prolonged and physically demanding.