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Reba Hore

1926 - 2008
Reba Hore

Masterpieces On Exhibit

Reba Hore

Reba Hore (1926–2008) was an Indian artist and activist. She has worked in various mediums ranging from water colors, mixed media, oil paints, pastels to terracotta. Her artworks were spontaneous, deeply personal and rooted in her daily life experiences. 

Reba had completed her graduation in economics and became a member of the Communist Party in 1948. Later, she joined the Government College of Art & Craft in Kolkata. After completing her studies, she started teaching art at St. John's Diocesan School from 1951. 

She lived and worked in different cities, namely Kolkata, New Delhi and Shantiniketan over the course of her life. 

Her exhibits with us are a mixed media on paper titled White goats made in 1993 and a 17.4 x 13.1 mixed media on paper made in 2007.