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Rini Dhumal

1948 - 2021
Rini Dhumal

Masterpieces On Exhibit

Rini Dhumal

From an art history point of view, prints have long been a highly popular medium of expression. There have been close links between prints and people's lives. Today, as contemporary art is developing towards even greater diversity, their role is bound to become even more important than in the past. Prints are at once intimate and political, public yet private. The role of a printmaker is two-fold. It requires a disciplined exactitude and a sense of aesthetic beauty. It is most important that a print communicates its message clearly and is accessible to everyone. She has been a printmaker and a painter. For some time now she has been painting and enjoyed it immensely. In fact her printmaking background was an added asset. Painting has been equally helpful in her new series of prints, in encouraging a simpler approach and technique. 

One has to make a conscious effort to make the public or art lovers want to own a print, make them understand that it is as relevant and original as a painting itself. Towards her last years, she returned to prints with a new vigor, with a heightened awareness of size and colour. The contents of these prints are not in any way a diversification of my paintings. They do, however, convey the same concern for human relationships and dialogues. The series of serigraphs are an extension of the series of Rini’s glass paintings. The luminosity of painting on glass made me want to experiment with this medium, which is seldom used by artists.  

Her mixed media on canvas on display with us was made in 2006.