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Sadanand Shirke

Sadanand Shirke

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Sadanand Shirke

Born in Mumbai in 1982, Sadanand Shirke graduated with a Diploma in Fine Art at the Raheja School of Art, Mumbai. Using a canvas made of a vinyl base on composite aluminium board, the artist applies coloured strips and marks the surface with a scalpel to produce abstract compositions. 

Attracted by flat colours, minimalism and abstraction, Shirke draws these styles into a specifically local context, particularly the Mumbai cityscape. Using geometric constructions, Shirke often creates spaces resembling his beloved home town. His colour palette envisions the city in all its glory and ugliness: from the mud, grit and concrete of Mumbai’s terra firma, to its neon bright, media filled skies. 

He has exhibited his works at Willem Baars Project, Amsterdam; No.1 Shanthi Road, Bangalore and Chatterjee & Lal, Mumbai. 

The artist lives and works in Mumbai. His exhibit with us is titled Tricolour, a vinyl on stainless sheet made in 2021.