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Smriti Dixit

Smriti Dixit

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Smriti Dixit

Smriti Dixit was born in 1971. After training in classical vocal music for several years, she turned to fine arts in 1993 and completed her Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts at M.S. University, Baroda, in 1994. 

Dixit’s way of working is basic and unfinished. Using her palette of cloth and thread, she copiously sticks and stitches her arrangements on a blank surface. She embraces the human processes of experimentation and creation, often in an effort to communicate the concepts of rebirth, recycling and renewal to her viewers. Once she feels a piece is complete, Dixit makes no attempt to tidy the surface. There is no folding-in and trimming of ends to reveal the clean edges of her canvas, nor does she conceal any tears or damage that may have occurred during the process. In a way, her weathered canvases suggest the elaborateness of her creative process.  

Some of her solo shows include those at Aicon Gallery, Palo Alto in 2006; Triveni Gallery, New Delhi, in 2005 and 2001; Art Musings, Mumbai, in 2004; and Apparao Galleries, Mumbai, in 2001 and 1998. Dixit has also participated in a number of group exhibitions, the more recent ones being ‘Roop Adhyatma’ at Bodhi Art, Singapore in 2006; ‘Basant Show’ at Bodhi Art, New Delhi in 2006; ‘Abstract Visions’ at Galerie Muller & Plate, Munich in 2005; and ‘Performative Textures’ at the India Habitat Centre Visual Arts Gallery, New Delhi in 2003. 

Her exhibit with us is titled Seed: Nature Study, a Polyproline made in 2020