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Sumesh Balakrishnan

Sumesh Balakrishnan

Masterpieces On Exhibit

Sumesh Balakrishnan

Sumesh says about his own work, “The images in my work are taken from the everyday life I encounter and engage with. I recreate them in my works and create a visual vocabulary of them as my responses to this everyday life.”

As any human being, his responses are shaped and articulated through his commitment to the contemporaneity of humans' life and struggle. In his mind, the important question one needs to raise is what’s is contemporary for him/her. For him it’s that question which make any forms of art practices different and relevant. The contemporary in his work is not a temporal situation where he and the images he uses are living in. But it’s a situation which transcends both time and space, past and future, life and death and so on, where boundaries are suspended.

For Sumesh, art practice is an attempt to redraw such boundaries and believe that only such redrawing’s can make our life not just challenging but also rewarding.

Sumesh’s work with us is an Untitled wood relief piece.