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T V Santosh

T V Santosh

Masterpieces On Exhibit

T V Santosh

Born in 1968 in Kerala, T.V. Santhosh completed his Bachelor’s degree in fine art, specializing in sculpture, from Kalabhavan, Santiniketan, in 1994. He then studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of M.S. University, Baroda, completing his Master’s degree in the same there in 1997.[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]Heavily inspired by cinema, news media, art history and popular culture, Santhosh’s art is centered on the exploration of present day crises. He uses images from print media, television and the internet to create eerily realist canvases replete with meaning that make strong statements about the general socio-political situation in India. 

He creates powerful works which explore historical injustices, acts of violence, and the manipulation of media propaganda. Santosh surrounds viewers with the immediacy of his work, solarizing his palette to create stunning visual effects within his compositions. His painterly style and subverted technique combine to expose hidden symbolism within the margins of his work. 

His exhibit with us is a Watercolor on Paper made in 2018.