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Vasudeo Kamath

Vasudeo Kamath

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Vasudeo Kamath

Vasudeo Kamath was born in Karkala in 1956, a small town in Karnataka, and brought up in Mumbai.

From early childhood, Vasudeo’s inclination for drawing became apparent to all around him. Scribbling began much before he could write ABCD. He used to draw the lines horizontals, verticals to represent trains running on tracks on the walls and floors of the house with a piece of chalk or crayon. These left hand doodlings were the first expressions of the artist within him. After schooling, he took admission in the prestigious Sir J. J. School of Art, in Mumbai. Awards and rewards followed; the shining milestone was the G. D. Arts education with the First Class First Distinction. Since then he has been relentlessly sketching, painting with all devotion and dedication. This has built up his creativity on solid foundation rooted in perfection of drawing.

Vasudeo prefers painting in oils on canvas and watercolor on handmade papers, but he also enjoys painting with acrylics and oil and soft pastels. Ever since his academic days, he loves painting landscapes on location and portraits from life. He also creates conceptual paintings based on his ideas of what he firmly believes in and what he always stands by. In addition, in the subjective paintings, he tries to bring out the mythological and historical subjects with detailed study and realistic depiction of that era.

Vasudeo paints commissioned portraits as also the portraits of people around. He invites dignitaries for a sitting, as also is he invited by diplomats and eminent personalities for painting from life. The most prestigious of these is his portrait of Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil, ex-President of India. His mastery in portraits has won him many awards, the most acclaimed one is the Draper Grand Award bestowed upon by The Portrait Society of America for his Portrait 'My Wife' in 2006. He also has to his credit his two inspiring and enlightening books.

Vasudeo’s profound knowledge and his experience as an artist gets portrayed in articles, which have been regularly published in Indian as well as International Art Magazines and journals to inspire and guide the aspiring artists. Besides this in spite of his busy schedule, he personally spares time for artists who seek his guidance.

The artist’s exhibit is titled Mruthunjay mala made of charcoal and acrylics in 2021.