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Hima Hariharan

Hima was born in 1992. She grew up in a remote hillside in Idukki, Kerala where she received encouragement from an art teacher and her family. She moved away for a couple of years to Thiruvananthapuram and Thrissur to study animation and later get a degree from the Government College of Fine Art.

Hima believes that art enables to take into account the ebbs and swells of the animal nature within her, as it becomes part of her surroundings through its processes and practise. It opens the alleys into paths that turn outward, yet staying within her, quivering like a resonance.

Sharing further, she says, “At times I sit with my paper drawing a flower, a leaf or a delicate thorn for hours on end, lovingly, tenderly holding them close to myself, building upon them by using layers and layers of colour. As I enter into their subtlest zones I fall upon memories and imaginative reverie, experiencing my environs, times I never revisited, people and their surroundings, and dreams buried beneath layers of wild overgrowth. These could be things that once seemed true but later turned out untrue, and their reasons for that. There is a sense of ‘me’ beyond the superficial title, with no past nor future only now or the present. The recognition that of ‘I’ in myself is that trembling entity which wavers between what is the past and what is to be. It is this engagement that keeps me linked with the process of life.”

Her exhibit with us is a water colour on acid free paper made in 2020.