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Meera Mukherjee

Meera Mukherjee draws her inspiration from the common man. Ordinary people doing everyday things find a manifestation in her art. Fishermen, weavers, women stitching - they have all been subjects for her work. Meera is a painter as well as a sculptor. In the latter field, she developed her own unique technique for making wax sculptures. Bengali calligraphy often finds its way into her work. Music and dance are also her favoured subjects.Meera was born in Calcutta in 1923. Till 1941 she studied at the art classes run by the Indian Society of Oriental Art. She joined the Delhi polytechnic in 1947 to continue her education. At the end of this, she had the opportunity of working under the noted Indonesian painter Effendi who was living and working at Shantiniketan at the time. In 1953, she went to Germany to study painting. After her return from Germany, she held her first show in 1960. She has also been actively involved in the research of folk metal castings and the casting techniques of classical Indian sculptures.There are two distinct features that represent the spirit of Meera's work. The first is the celebration of humanism and the other is an ardent desire to break free from a routine and enjoy freedom. 

 Her exhibit with us is a terracotta.